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Based in Florence and since 1966 we have been producing lighting solutions for who appreciates style, prestige and quality.

It is the light of a creativity which gives life to a perfect harmony between concept and skilled crafting resulting in the creation of an exclusive elegance encompassing pure Italian design.

Hand made in Italy is a cornerstone rooted in the past and which assimilates century-long experience. Our creations blend history with a contemporary taste and feel.

Masca - Company Profile Logo Alberto Scagli

“A passion for what I create, perception of materials, taste for design are the forces that drive me to take on new challenges. Masca was founded with the objective of reinventing a century-long tradition to which I have been to tied to all my life.
This is why I have dedicated almost all of my life and all my work in marketing our products worldwide, children of a typical skilled Florentine craftsman.”

Masca - Company Profile Logo Knowing how to mould iron

Our strength lies in the ability in knowing how to mould iron to create unique works, in knowing how to combine experimentation with experience to achieve original and exclusive detailing and knowing how to put to good use the technological tools available as a support to researching new solutions.

Masca - Company Profile Logo Leonardo Scagli

“Living this business enterprise, today, a reality that my father succeeded in creating and expanding, is without doubt an honour and an enormous responsibility.

Having the chance to create something which will last time is inspiring and encouraging when I have to measure myself with innovative solutions.

Awareness in ethical and technical terms is fundamental when facing the challenges of a global market and being able to merge and combine these two aspects with the concept of skilled handcrafting, represents an important contribution towards our expansion and growth.”

Masca - Company Profile Logo A chain made of tradition and research

Choosing Masca signifies becoming the last link in a chain made of tradition and research.

It is a choice made by who wants to share sensations, by who wants to light and give elegance to their surroundings.

A choice for turning out the dark and lighting style.

Masca Contacts

Masca S.r.l.
Via Pistoiese, n° 1 - 50013 Firenze

tel. +39 055 8999155
fax +39 055 8998565

P.IVA 00645460486
Reg. Imprese FI n.203048
Cap. Soc. € 90.000,00 i.v.

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